Public Transportation Advertising

{Wherever|Regardless of where} you look chances are you can spot an advertisement of {some kind|some type} within a few feet of you. While social {press|mass media|multimedia} advertising has risen in popularity, {a few of|a number of|several of} the {old|more mature|elderly} methods {continue to be|remain} proven to be successful but still need to step it up {to keep|so that|to remain} up with the digital world. {1|A single|One particular} older method of {ad|advertising campaign|advertisements} that has undergone {a lttle bit|somewhat} of a revamp in recent years is {coach|tour bus|shuttle bus} and public transportation advertising.

Chances are if you {stay in|are in} {a huge|a major} city or area which has {general public|open public|general population} transportation, you’ve probably seen buses driving down the street completely covered in large graphics advertising some chain restaurant or other company. {Soon we will be|We will be} honest, when I first saw one of those buses {traveling|generating|driving a car} through my {college or university|school} grounds I was {a lttle bit|somewhat} worried about the safety of it and wondered how in the world they could see through all that plastic! Upon further examination I realized that the material was {Filled with|Packed with} tiny little holes that let light shine through. Now as someone who would shortly be {getting into|coming into|going into} {the style|the look|the structure} and advertising field, {I believed|I think} this was {very|lovely|attractive} genius.

Pre-tiny hole {images|design}, most bus advertising was done using printed {indicators|indications|symptoms} that were slid into some metal railings and took up a 2 x 5 foot space. While at the time this was a great method, the chances of you being able to grab the attention of thousands {of men and women|of folks} in such a tiny space heading 30 miles per hour down the road is fairly slim. These small billboards also didn’t offer much advertising real {property|house|real estate} and therefore the {coach|tour bus|shuttle bus} companies probably didn’t make much off the {offer|package}.

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