The 2010 Dodge Challenger

Novice a long time since a muscle car has been released that folks have got so hyped about. The 2010 Dodge Opposition is a three 100 and seventy-five horsepower Hemi-V8 powered machine, with a six speed manual field and a pistol grasp shifter, running on high grade fuel. The ride is smooth and balanced even though some reviewers have described the feeling as a little floaty. Quality is of a surprisingly high quality – the Challenger is sturdy and well put along with no rattles or squeaks, just some screeching… from the rear auto tires. 2017 dodge challenger

As far as design goes the Challenger handles to look modern and poised whilst still remaining true to its root base. The hooded headlights give the car a cool aggressive look day or night, massive Goodyear rubber material mounted on twenty in . cast aluminum polished rims throw subtlety out the window and the gasoline filler cap is one of the Challengers many nice little retro details – although you’ll be making use of it more than you’d like with the Dodge only managing sub-twenty mile every gallon efficiency. Dodge have done a beautiful job styling this modern common but one down aspect of the head-turning appears is the visibility which is pretty poor – looking anywhere but right ahead and you could guarantee likely to be looking into a blind spot. 1

Some have view that Dodge relatively dropped the ball in regards to the Competitors interior. At odds with the exterior styling, it can a little bland, but it’s simple and in a straight line forward. In addition there are a few luxuries which might seem to be a little alien to a muscle car. Heated car seats, satellite radio, buttons on the steering wheel and many more options are available.

Of course an auto like this is designed first most to perform and the Challenger is right up there with the new school of muscle cars. The 5. 7 liter V8 engine power sees the Opposition accelerating from 0-60 in 5. 1 seconds. Holder and pinion steering provides the coping with immediate feel whilst independent postponement, interruption allows the car to take care of the bends with a little refinement although together with more delicately balanced Western european sports cars the Opposition still feels very hard and ready – but you could believe this is the appeal of a Challenger. Alongside the new Camaro the new Challenger proves that the muscle car has finally caught up with the times – still providing that massive power and satisfaction but with just enough refinement and improved managing to make it more usable on today’s tracks.

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