The Correct Meaning Of Insure

The Correct Meaning Of Insure
English is the most mature language being spoken all around the world. There are many words in English that have same pronunciation and even same spelling but different in meaning. There are more than one synonyms of a word in English language but, is it appropriate to use synonyms? In this article, we will understand the exact meaning of the term” Insure.”
Every language has some rules that are important to be followed while speaking or writing. These rules are used to make a sentence that makes sense. The message the sender wants to convey must be straightforward and easy to understand. The communication does not take place unless the meaning is not conveyed to the receiver in an exact manner. Many barriers can affect in reading the message, one of them is using wrong words or pronouncing it incorrectly.
Let’s get back to the main issue in this article what does the word Insure mean? Can we use the synonyms or the other words of the same pronunciation interchangeably? We can make clear the usage of homophones by understanding the exact meaning of a particular word.
Meaning of insure according to dictionaries:
The meanings of word insure can be made clear by consulting to the dictionaries. Two primary accents are used all over the word’ The British and American accents’. According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, the meaning of word insure is to “make certain especially by taking necessary measures”. Merriam-Webster is America’s most used and respected dictionary.
According to the Cambridge dictionary, the meaning of word insure is to protect you by paying regular amounts to an individual company against any loss. And in Oxford dictionary the meaning of insure is to arrange compensation in the event of damage to or loss of property. 7
After understanding the meaning of insure according to British and American dictionaries, it is clear that this word is used for compensation for any damage or loss. It is to make safe the object against any loss. Insure is a term that is used in business studies. To get insured you pay a certain sum of money to a company and the life or asset is protected against any loss. In case the insured asset is damaged, or the person dies whose life has been insured his loved one gets a monetary compensation.
He insured his house against fire.
David insured his life for safe future of his family.
In the both sentences above there are not clearly defined that you will receive the monetary compensation but when the word insure is used it signifies that life of a person and house is insured against any loss and financial compensation will be received. The meaning of word ‘insure’ made us clear the meaning of the sentence. There is a no difference between English or American definition of insure. Whether you use American or British dialects the word “insure” lets us know about the monetary compensation against any loss.

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